Holiday Season!! Candy Canes! Peppermint Sticks!…Uh!? Barber Poles??!!

Missed!!?? How!? el-cigar-newbie, in the derigueur of uploading the Favorite First Time Smokes of 2016!! But! but!! to correct the oversight, el-cigar-newbie wassails!!! The K. A. Kendal 7-20-4 Hustler!! el-cigar-newbies “Featured Image”!!! This rectitude will also create a frondesence! of new knowledge! awareness! a new interest in premium cigars!! This type of premium cigar is considered by some a-fiction-ados to be “NOVELTY CIGARS!!!??? (“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t Believe the hype!” flavor flav – Public Enemy)

Imagine for a moment el newbie Nation! you’re a Master Tocerdor (cigar roller)! and your assignment is to roll a cigar with a blend provided by the Master Blender; using multiple tobacco leaf wrappers!! for production!!! Your responsible for the creation of a cigar, using a special technique! over! and over again! the first looking exactly as the last!! and along comes some low priming a-fiction-ado calling your masterpiece a novelty!!! W-H-A-T!!! you Juan Bobo!!!

Let’s pause here el newbie Nation, and think about this scenario, yes? Just what is a novelty?  Humm, novelty: a small usually cheap toy, ornament, or trinket. An article of trade whose value is chiefly decorative, comic, or the like and whose appeal is often transitory.  Huh? Transitory: short-lived, temporary, brief (


These premium cigars are like no others! created by Master Tocerdors akin to a Picasso or a Monet!!!!! el newbie Nation it’s enough to etiolate your enthusiasm for trying a first time smoke like the featured cigar!! “Spend my money on an ornamental cigar? Just to look at it?? Can’t smoke it cause it’s cheap!” el newbie Nation! el-cigar-newbie can’t stress enough! don’t! don’t!! don’t believe the Juan Bobos!!! the a-FICTION-ados!! who review or blog such things about these masterfully rolled premiums!!

el newbie Nation these cigars are awesome!!! Yet!! yet!! no Pinstripe, Candy Cane, Peppermint Stick, Triple Wrap or Barber Pole has made it into any a-FICTION-ados Top 25 list!! JUAN BOBOS!!!!

There are great and affordable Barber Pole cigars, Candy Canes etc. be bought, and enjoyably smoked!! On el-cigar-newbies F.T.S 2016 (First Time Smokes), Two Barber Pole cigars made the list, and here’s el-cigar-newbies run down on First Time Barber Poles:

The SOSA UNDERGROUND DELPHIC DUAL WRAPPER is a “oh! this is so good!” flat cap and foot, excellent burn, exquisite looks, priced a little high, but el-cigar-newbie went back for more!









The MACABI U.S.A. PEPPERMINT STICK is very flavorful, great construction, another good looking cigar, moderately priced, still trying to score some more.(








The Cigar Bundles of Miami Triple Salomon is one of the two biggest cigars el-cigar-newbie has smoked! not a fan of humongous cigars, but! but! it caught my eye, and it was worth it! beautifully made, smoked good, tasty, and has humi aging potential, reasonably priced! going back for more!








The Cigar Bundles of Miami TRIFECTA is a moderately priced cigar.








The K.A.KENDALL 7-20-4 HUSTLER has credentials believe it or not, the 7-20-4 DOG WALKER was rated 91 by Cigar Aficionado on April 1st 2015, and 89 on April 1st 2016!? go figure el newbie Nation!! the  a-FICTION-ados strike again!!!


This is an intensely good cigar from foot to cap, great price, el-cigar-newbie loaded up on this cigar after the first smoke!! (





CABRERAS BARBER POLE is the surprise cigar for el-cigar-newbie! recently bought and smoked, it’s a 2017 First Time Smoke! it didn’t knock el-cigar-newbie’s socks off, but it did speak to its potential!! Definitely a humi stash and forget! then what’s this!? wow! this is good!! economically price!! el-cigar-newbie is going back for more of this sleeper cigar! (


La Flor Dominicana MYSTERIO is just as mysterious to el-cigar-newbie! This masterpiece is like looking on a solid gold ingot!!! Yes! yes! cigars are made for smoking!! but it’s the only one el-cigar-newbie has!!! And until el-cigar-newbie hits the lottery and buy more! well! it’s good to look at and enjoy!!!


Rest assured el newbie Nation! el-cigar-newbie will be smoking and sharing multi wrapped cigars in 2017!!! Novelty cigars! BAH!!! no wonder Arturo Fuente created BETWEEN THE LINES!! and the a-FICTION-ados still get it wrong!!!! JUAN BOBOS!!!


Cigar tobacco filler leafs only have half of their stems removed-the lower, thicker part that is attached to the plant stalk. The remaining thinner part of the stem adds flavor and strength to the blend. Therefore, premium cigars should and do have stems in them.